RamCash - Refund Request


Experienced a problem making a purchase at a vending machine? Use the form below to request a refund within 10 business days of your transaction.

Request Type: * Vending refund
Product Purchased: * (e.g. "Coke" or "Snickers")
Tender Used: * RamCash
Card ID: * (CSUID or RamCash Express card ID)***
First Name: *
Last Name: *
Email: *
Confirm Email: *
Phone: - -
Transaction Date: *
Transaction Time (approx.): * :
Location: *
Machine: *
Machine ID: * (e.g. "001-CJY") Laundry machine ID example (4-digit number)
Amount Requested: * $ .
Reason: *
Additional Details:

**If you made a vending purchase and prefer a cash refund over a RamCash credit, visit the vending page for a list of on-campus refund sites.

***If you don't have a CSUID or RamCash Express card, please contact the RamCard Office at (970) 491-2344.